Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Subdivision, part 15

Back in October, Chunlin dropped off the final survey and other information to the city. Shortly thereafter, the city published a decision that approved the subdivision, conditional on a comment period and submittal of the final survey and other information that Chunlin had dropped off.

I had called the reviewer and she told me that I didn't need to submit anything else. I just had to wait.

The comment period ended November 3. I waited for a final notice. These things take time, right?

I called her today. She says that although the computer shows the final survey is with the plans routing person, that person doesn't have the survey. I called this other woman and she said that even though there's only a couple places where the drawings could possibly be, they're gone. Vanished.

According to them, my only option is to resubmit the final survey. And since it has to be an original version with a signature and I had only kept a copy, I need to get it from the surveyor.

I asked the plans routing woman about a reimbursement from the city for her mistake. She sounded apologetic . . . but no.

In other news, Seattle City Light still hasn't scheduled the electricity cut-over.

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