Monday, June 28, 2010

Shanghai, part 10: Middle East and City at Night

At the World Expo, we wandered around the Middle East area for a little while.

m139 - Israel Pavilion

m136 - Oasis through the Dunes

We went into the Oman Pavilion because the line was short. Common theme for us, eh?

m134 - Oman Pavilion

m147 - Oman Frankincense Dome

m144 - Walking on Water

Inside, every pavilion has exhibits shouting "Our country is great!" The pavilions all look completely different, and yet they're all basically identical. "Just like people," replied Chunlin.

We sat and rested on a park bench for a while as the sun set. We considered walking around more to see the pavilions after dark, but we decided our feet hurt too much and thus we should head for the subway.

m152 - China Pavilion Evening

Chunlin wanted to see the riverfront at night, so instead of taking the 7 line directly back to the hotel, we took it the other direction and transfered to the 2. We got off at Pudong and saw the skyscrapers that were shrouded in mist before.
m155 - Oriental Pearl TV Tower at Night

m158 - Jīnmào Tower & Shanghai World Financial Centre at Night

We then got back on the 2 under the river. Next stop Nanjing Road, the closest stop to the Bund. Nanjing Road is a busy pedestrian shopping street. Neon and crowds.
m161 - East Nánjīng Road at Shānxī Road

m166 - Wufu Nong Gate

m167 - East Nánjīng Road from Fújiàn Road

After a couple blocks -- "What street is that?" I had taken us the wrong direction. West instead of east. How had I messed that up?

We had no further energy to walk to the river. We thus got back on the subway and headed home to Xincun Lu. Bus? Where's the bus stop? No bus stop? Walk limp crawl the half mile from the station to our hotel.

Four sore feet, once more.

Further foreign photos on flickr, for sure.

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