Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shanghai, part 7: Canada and Beyond

At the World Expo, we took a stroll through flashy Canada.

m58 - Canada Pavilion Entrance

It looked like it had a short line, but half of the zig-zags were hidden inside the building. Tricky folk, those Canadians.

m63 - Canadian Circuitboard Attack!

I didn't really pay attention to all the "our country is great" stuff the exhibits were saying. I just took photos.

m64 - Canada Pavilion Interior

They had some bicyles that interacted with large screens. I'm not sure what that was about...

m67 - Canada Pavilion Courtyard

In the courtyard, Chinese staff wandered slowly, dressed as a fish, a fisherman, a tree, and butterflies.
m69 - Tree Man

Once back outside, we stopped by a restaurant that had an interesting name: Shanghai Old City God Temple Snack Kingdom.
m72 - Restaurant of Over-the-Top Chinglish
Inside, I realized that all the English translations of the Chinese signs were obviously a collection of the worst translations ever found. They were trying too hard. It wasn't fun anymore.

Chunlin liked the food, though!
m73 - Chunlin's Little Bird

We then wandered through Europe again.

m75 - Austria Pavilion

m76 - EU China Flags
Aren't the EU and China flags awfully similar in design? I wonder if they were trying for that...

I wanted to see the UK Pavilion, but the line was very long.
m80 - UK Pavilion Courtyard

The Netherlands Pavilion was much more accessible and photogenic.
m78 - Netherlands Pavilion Bridge

m82 - Netherlands Field of Sheep
Everybody enjoys sitting on sheep. That's what the World Expo is about: finding the little things that bring the world together, Dutch and Chinese, everybody.

More expo photos on flickr!

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