Friday, June 25, 2010

Shanghai, part 9: The Heart of the Expo

m105 - Taiwan Pavilion Plaza
This was the line for the China Pavilion, I believe. Or maybe Taiwan. In any case, moving but very long.

We looked into getting into the China Pavilion, but we would have to arrive first thing the next morning to get a reservation for later in the day.

m111 - China Pavilion
The gray building in front is actually the larger portion of the China Pavilion. It acts like a plinth that the red portion sits upon. The whole thing will remain on the site and open to the public long after the expo is gone.

m110 - Shangnan Road
The streets have all been built for future use, but right now they're closed to most traffic. A bit odd for now, especially since all the nations' pavilions face away from the streets and onto the wide pedestrian lanes that will eventually disappear.

On the upper walkway, we ventured to the Expo Axis, a long series of tents and funnels. Six giant, glass funnels, actually.

m122 - Axis Funnel

m116 - Expo Axis Funnel and Clouds

This will certainly remain once the expo is over.

m117 - Down the Axis Funnel
I do wonder about the drainage system, however, since these are open to the sky.

Would you like some Kekoukere?
m119 - Coca-Cola Happiness Factory!

m120 - Through the Axis to Red China

m124 - Expo Axis Funnel and Tent

We then headed downstairs to the mall beneath for food -- noodles. Gave our feet a much needed rest.

And then we went to see the giant bunny.
m128 - Macao Pavilion

If you like these photos, I've posted more on flickr.

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