Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shanghai, part 6: Luxembourg

Shanghai has a lot of people in it.

At our hotel, I picked up a good map of the Expo -- and one of the full subway system. The stand had been empty on Monday and I took the last the last map this time. It's hard to keep the shelves stocked when they're free.

But the map was only in Chinese!

I finally got an English map at the gate.

m12 - Chunlin at World Expo Entrance
Massive crowd control measures unnecessary at 1:30 on a weekday afternoon. We walked right through like it was the Spokane airport.

m14 - Sculpture People

The USA Pavilion had a huge line, so we kept walking.

m16 - Brazil Pavilion

m21 - Russia Pavilion Detail

m27 - Croatia Pavilion Flag

We headed through the Americas and Europe to Luxembourg. Quick-moving line.

m32 - Luxembourg Pavilion Wall

"Is that the color of their country?" Not really.

m35 - Luxembourg Pavilion

"Is that the shape of their country?" Well, sort of.

m33 - Gëlle Fra at Luxembourg Pavilion

Luxembourg transported this golden statue around the world from its home on a pillar in Luxembourg City. I wonder what's on the the pillar right now...

m36 - Luxembourg Pavilion Entrance

m41 - Luxembourg Pavilion Interior

m43 - Luxembourg Pavilion Ramp

m50 - Under the Flowers

After hearing about how great the small country of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is, we headed back to Americas Square for a song and dance exhibit from Venezuela.
m57 - Americas Square Column

There are shows every half hour all day long at one square or another. Norway, Mexico, etc. We were very far from the stage, but the speakers were so loud at times it hurt my ears.

m52 - Chunlin at Americas Square

Since we were in the Americas (I presume), staff came around with trays of free mini-cups of Starbucks coffee. It was cold, but a taste of home.

I have more photos of these pavilions on flickr.

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