Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Jiangsu, part 2: Linggu Temple

When we arrived in Nanjing, I wanted to go to Linggu Temple. We just missed a bus heading that direction. Since time was tight, we took a taxi instead.

Through crazy city traffic, out into the forest. The road went up and back down and around curves back and forth.

j55 - Taxi through Zǐjīn Mountain

Welcome to Zhongshan Mountain Scenic Area. Big park. Redundant name. ("Shan" means "mountain.")

The first cab dropped us off at Sun's Masoleum, a mile from Linggu. A second cab got us where we were going.

At the entrance to the temple complex, a monk rode by on a motorcycle. Under his robes, he was wearing jeans.

We walked through the forest (a nice change of pace from the big cities), up steps, and through gates -- one of them functional (payment required for entrance).

j10 - Línggǔ Scenic Area Path

j12 - Hongshan Gate

j16 - Lion of KIA Memorial Archway

The reason I picked this temple of all the sites in Nanjing to visit was for its Beamless Hall. Unusual for China, it was built with brick barrel vaults during a timber shortage. It's now a memorial for soldiers killed in the 1920s unification of China (the Northern Expedition).

j20 - Línggǔ Temple Beamless Hall

j23 - Beamless Hall Door

Rather reminiscent of Roman architecture, but not that old.

j24 - Beamless Hall

While Chunlin and I explored separately, I came across a little gift shop in the back corridor.

j27 - Beamless Hall Convenience Store

I decided to purchase a green-bean ice cream for Chunlin, since she likes those. The seller was very surprised by all my old pennies and jiao that I had brought from home. At least I think she was amazed by the 1980s era coinage. My Mandarin is good enough to buy a popsicle, but not that good. Chunlin appreciated the ice pop. Tired, relaxed, happy. The Beamless Hall was a cool place to rest on a hot day.

j30 - Chunlin out the Back Door

More photos on flickr, of course.

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