Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jiangsu, part 4: Nanjing Family

j56 - Nánjīng Skyline

From the Nanjing train station, we took the subway south through town. Past the old town, we popped up just outside the ancient city walls. Tall walls.

At the far south end of town, we got off the subway at the BenQ Hospital Station.

Out in the countryside, skyscrapers were popping up like weeds.
j57 - Nánjīing Skyscraper Construction

Soon we met Chunlin's cousin, who had a minibus courtesy of his company. Apparently any of the upper managers at the company can reserve the bus for personal use as they wish. The driver was an employee of the company.

On the minibus, we got on the freeway heading southwest. Several miles rolled by. Dusty smoggy town. The suburbs of Nanjing look like major cities.
j60 - Nánjīng Apartments

The traffic was the same craziness as in the heart of town, but there was just less of it.
j62 - Raocheng Expressway

While we were still on the expressway, the sun started down. Luckily being in a mostly empty minibus meant I had a good view.
j59 - Nánjīng Sunset Sky

j61 - Sunset on Qinhuaixin River

Cousin and the minibus took us to Chunlin's uncle and aunt's apartment. Chunlin's mother's older brother. They are the parents of Chunlin's Shanghai and Nanjing cousins.

They have a turtle in their shower.
j63 - Big Uncle's Turtle

j64 - Big Uncle's Turtle Sticks Its Neck Out

Everyone got on the bus and away to the restaurant we rolled. We met up with Chunlin's cousin's wife and son and proceeded to eat another feast.

Peking duck. Yum.

More baijiu.

Hard to stop eating. Even harder to convince jia ren (family) that I'm full.

With this plus the big dinners in Shanghai, it was like Thanksgiving three times in one week! Oof.

Nephew Jack is learning English and he's not nearly as shy as his older cousins in Shanghai about trying it.

I should've taken my camera to dinner, because Jack and his mother went home while the rest of us returned to Big Uncle's home.

j65 - Nánjīng Family

We ate lychee, drank tea, then looked through old photo albums -- including a few photos of Chunlin.

Big Uncle is only a few years younger than Granddad. He seems older since Granddad is an anomaly.

At ten o'clock, we said zai jian and headed back to the train station via the minibus, accompanied by Chunlin's cousin. Another fun day drew to a close.

j66 - Nánjīng at Night

Except, of course, for the little bit about waiting for a 1:15 a.m. train...


Iris said...

"Hard to stop eating. Even harder to convince jia ren (family) that I'm full.

Did no one tell you to leave food on your plate?

Sotosoroto said...

Oh, they don't fall for little tricks like that!