Friday, July 09, 2010

Jiangsu, part 5: Wangting

Sitting on a train. Sitting on a train sitting on the tracks. Sitting on a train sitting on the tracks sitting in a small town east of Wuxi.

Sitting in Wangting.

m1 - Wangting Station

Scheduled stop. Very long stop.

m3 - Mark on the Train - Ch

On the overnight train from Huangshan to Shanghai, our train stopped and waited in Wangting for our turn to get into the big city. Other (express) trains zipped by. Each time, I thought, "This is the train we were waiting for. Now it's our turn."

The other train would always disappear. We would always continue to sit.

m1 - Wangting Station

If we had thought to arrange a transfer in Changzhou, we could have arrived in Shanghai by then. Three hours of waiting, it must have been, all told.

m4 - Kekoukere

Breakfast was eaten. People roamed the train cars, getting hot water from the dispenser for their morning noodles, going to the toilet, etc. Quiet conversations.

Another train bounced us sideways.

Was it our turn?


m1 - Wangting Station

Chunlin's feet and legs were sore, so I took it as a blessing we weren't running around Shanghai already. Forced rest and relaxation.

m2 - Chunlin on the Train

Chunlin asked me, "Are you getting tired of this train?"

m1 - Wangting Station

I replied, "It'll probably be another hour before we mov--"

The train jolted forward, cutting me off.

Seriously. That's how it happened.

Look! The scenery is changing!

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