Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jiangsu, part 3: Linggu Pagoda

At the Linggu Temple complex, we continued up the hill to the Linggu Pagoda, along the way passing through the Pine Wind Pavilion, which is now a gift shop and food court.
j32 - Línggǔ Temple Pine Wind Pavilion

j34 - Línggǔ Pagoda through the Trees

j38 - Línggǔ Pagoda
The long stairs northward come to an end. We're at the pagoda, if not the top of the hill. This pagoda was built in 1929 to memorialize those who lost their lives in the revolution.

Inside, the stairs keep going up.
j40 - Línggǔ Pagoda Stairs
Chunlin rested. I climbed. Charge! Round and round and round we go...

j45 - Little Blue Animals

j46 - Línggǔ Temple Path

Once above the trees, I could see back through the haze to Nanjing.
j48 - Nánjīng from Línggǔ Pagoda

Plenty hot, but with a cross-breeze, not too bad. At least it's not too bad if you're not afraid of sweating profusely.

j50 - Down the Línggǔ Pagoda Stairs
And back down again...

Whereupon I found Chunlin talking on the phone. Probably talking to family, but it could have been a work call. I don't ask many questions some times.

And a taxi back to town. Wheeee!
j53 - Zǐjīn Mountain Road

You can find more photos of our trip on flickr.

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