Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few days ago. . .

Sunday morning, we awoke to a glorious sunrise from our motel room window.

75-Lorena Butte Sunrise

Just south of Goldendale, you have a good view of Mt Hood and Mt Adams, plus glimpses of Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier.
77-Goldendale Mt Adams
Aren't glaciated volcanos wonderful? They really make you feel at home.

In minutes, we were back on Highway 14, Chunlin snapping photos.
78-Upper Maryhill Ch
81-John Day Hillside Ch
84-Roosevelt Train Ch
Many trains on these tracks, that's for sure.

After a bout of fog in southern Benton County, we finished Highway 14 and headed north . . . I mean west on I-82. We stopped for a break in sunny Yakima.
86-Yakima First Baptist Church
Downtown Yakima was dead, although The Mall is being partially renovated into lofts ("Coming 2008!" but they're not done yet). Across the freeway at Wallmart was hopping, though.

Because it's so pretty, I took the old highway up the Yakima Canyon instead of sticking to the interstate.

I stopped at a place called Roza to get out and shoot.
89-Roza Yakima River Sun
90-Chunlin Roza

When we exited the canyon into the Kittitas Valley, we met more high fog (low clouds?). We drove past my aunt's house on our way to I-90, then left the fog behind as we climbed to Cle Elum.

FYI: Don't buy gas at the first gas station at the eastern Cle Elum exit. That station was $2.419/gallon, but the next one was $2.369/gallon. The one in town was $2.319/gallon and the Chevron up at the western freeway exit was about the same. The winner, though, is the Safeway at the western exit. $2.239/gallon, but $2.209/gallon if you have a Safeway club card. That's where I filled up. Only 37 mpg for that tank. The headwind up the Columbia Gorge must've really done my car a number. At least I hope that's what the problem was.

Next stop: the Tacoma Narrows Bridge! Yee-haw! $4 toll . . .

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Pedicularis said...

Drive Hwy. 16 north to south and avoid the toll.