Saturday, November 29, 2008

Owls Win Again!

For the first time this season, the Rice Owls have defeated a team with a winning record, their cross-town rivals, the Houston Cougars.

But Tulsa held off Marshall, so Tulsa gets to go to the C-USA championship game versus East Carolina. The winner of that game will go to the Liberty Bowl against a middling-ranked SEC team. The loser of that game will probably go to the GMAC Bowl against #2 from the MAC or an upper WAC team.

Which leaves Rice playing in the Texas Bowl (I think) against the eighth-best Big-12 team. . . except that the Big-12 only has seven bowl-eligible teams this year.

The Texas Bowl also has an agreement with TCU (but no other Mountain West Conference teams), but TCU is #2 in the MWC, which would put them in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Well, I guess I'll let the bowl officials figure that all out and just sit back content that my alma mater's team will be playing football in late December.

Go Owls!


Anonymous said...

You like Rice?? Shouldn't your blog be titled Royal rantings?
It will be when Rice loses to a sub 500 team in the Texas cow pasture bowl.

Sotosoroto said...

Do you realize that teams must have six wins to be bowl eligible? With a twelve-game schedule, that makes it rather unlikely for a team with a losing record to be in a bowl game. (Exception: North Texas won the Sunbelt Conference with an overall losing record a few years ago, and thus went to a bowl game without the requisite six wins.)