Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few days ago. . .

You very well may have seen these Sunday-drive photos over at flickr, but I'll post a few of them here anyway.

These are all Chunlin's.

2-Tacoma Narrows Bridge Ch

Can you tell the old bridge from the new bridge?

7-Tacoma Narrows Bridge West Approach Ch

How much did this new bridge cost us?

10-New Narrows Bridge Ch

It cost us $4 on the toll (eastbound only), but I mean how many billions of dollars did the construction cost?

11-Mt Rainier Narrows Bridge Ch

Was it just one billion dollars? Is that all? . . . Pretty, though.

12-Mt Rainier Tacoma Ch

After a few days of one-mile visibility and misting showers, Sunday sure looks like it was a nice day for a drive!

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