Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Government Has Gone Beyond Wasting Money

Our federal government's number one priority is to destroy anything useful.

The so-called Cash for "Clunkers" program is not just buying used cars with out tax dollars, it's not just turning them to scrap metal, it's making it impossible to re-use any piece of the car or its engine!

From the WSJ:

To receive government reimbursement, auto dealers who offer rebates on new cars in exchange for so-called clunkers must agree to "kill" the old models, using a method the government outlines in great detail in its 136-page manual for dealers: Drain the engine of oil and replace it with two quarts of a sodium-silicate solution.


The automotive death sentences are meant to ensure that gas-guzzling old models make no return to the road. As sodium silicate disables an entire generation of junkyard-bound cars, the price of used engines will likely skyrocket, predicts Michael Wilson, executive vice president of the Automotive Recyclers Association. "It's the law of supply and demand."


To engines, however, its damage is irreversible. "Once that silicate plugs everything up, it would be virtually impossible to clean that engine out," says Mr. Burton, the Kansas City service manager.

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