Sunday, August 09, 2009

Voting in Seattle

Welcome to King County, where you're now forced to vote by mail.

If my ballot actually makes it through the post office system to the elections department, I wonder if it will actually be counted properly. . .

In any case, most of the Seattle races seem to be about the Tunnel, with most of the candidates wanting to stop its construction. Naturally, this makes crossing off potential candidates rather easy. There's no way I'm going to vote for someone who's anti-growth and anti-infrastructure.

Plus, any candidate that talks about fixing government bureaucratic waste always gets a thumbs-up.

Therefore, for Seattle Mayor, I've voted for James Donaldson.

For Seattle City Council, I've voted for Dorsol Plants, Nick Licata, and Jordan Royer.

I quite wholeheartedly voted to reject the Seattle Referendum to tax grocery bags.

With the Port of Seattle, it was easy enough to discard everyone with overt union ties. For Port Commissioners, I voted for Al Yuen and Robert Walker.

For Court of Appeals Division 1, District 1, Judge 3, I voted for the less-liberal-seeming Robert D. Kelly.

And the only election for which I didn't bother to read through the online blurbs was King County Executive, because I didn't need to. I've already read my candidate's blurb in previous elections. I voted rather quickly for Goodspaceguy. Sorry, Stan.

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