Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Flags!

For the third anniversary of the day we met, Chunlin bought me some flags. And here all I did for her was to take her back to where we met!

But with this extra addition of four new flags, I no longer have sufficient wall space in our house to keep to my rotating pattern of half the flags displayed at once. So I spend an hour or so last night divising a scheme where some of the less-significant flags only remain displayed for a quarter of the year.

I suppose I could display some on the ceiling, though. . . I'll have to think about it.

This morning, though, I realized that I also was displaying my flags on my blog, so now I need to find the holidays for these four locales and get them inserted into that schedule, too!

Oh, Chunlin, you know I enjoy this craziness.

So here are the flags:

Hawaii: a nice place to visit and a distinctive flag.

Scotland: I've never been there, but I'm part Scottish. Clan Logan!

Slovenia: I visited Slovenia in 2005 and searched Ljubljana for a store that sold flags, but to no avail.

Sri Lanka: I've never been there and have no intentions of visiting, but . . . cool flag!

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