Friday, August 06, 2010

Anhui, part 2: Rock Gate Gorge

The first destination of our Huangshan tour group was Shí Mén Xiá (Rock Gate Gorge), a short drive east of the mountain.

k20 - Shí Mén Xiá Entrance

Take you ticket, show your ticket at the gate, and start walking up the paved path through the bamboo forest.
k21 - Walking through the Bamboo

'Twas a hot afternoon.

We didn't actually go all the way to the Rock Gate Gorge, but stopped at a green pool with a boulder cave and a waterfall.

There was a warning sign before the short trail down to the creek.
k36 - Shí Mén Xiá Warning!
"Warning: Rain the hour:Prevent the swollen mountain stream occurrence, and please not the water to inside play the water, and keep off the water side, and carefully slip and fall down [sic]" -- Words of wisdom, there, I tell you what.

k24 - Chunlin and Boulder

k27 - Mark at Pool and Boulder - Ch

k29 - Green Falls and Chunlin
Do you see Chunlin there? The Chinese character means "green," for that is the color of the water. I quickly decided they used the wrong color paint...

k31 - Green Pool and Rocks

k33 - Green Falls in the Canyon

k28 - Shí Mén Xiá Green Pool

Quick quick quick before I'm ready to leave, our guide is calling us to head back for the bus. I wanted to take more photographs! Ah, but that's life in a tour group.

At least once the bus was moving, there was a refreshing, cool breeze through the window...

More photos from this brief hike on flickr, if you can find them.

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