Monday, August 02, 2010

Jiangsu, part 10: Canals of Suzhou

Rather tired, we decided to grab a bite to eat and then take a small canal tour of Suzhou. Sausage on a stick: tasty.

o58 - Chunlin and Mark on the Canal Boat

o43 - From the Boat on the Canal

Quite pleasant. Relaxing after the crowds of the trains and the Humble Administrator's Garden.

o45 - Chunlin and a Bridge

o47 - The Back of Someone's House

Suzhou is all green and gray...

o50 - Stairs

o59 - Low Arch

For a promise of a bit higher tip, the boatman sang for us. Worth it.

o53 - Chunlin and the Singing Boatman

Our boat ride covered merely a tiny corner of Suzhou's network of canals, but it was a satisfactory length of time, for sure.

When we had returned to the dock near the museum and garden, we hired a pedicab to take us back to the train station, with a stop at the North Pagoda.

o61 - Sūzhōu Traffic

o62 - North Temple Pagoda

Since our train was to leave soon, we didn't have enough time to do the 25-yuan entrance fee justice. Thus we just admired it from outside the gate.

o64 - North Temple Pagoda through the Gate

And had another snack, as well. Good food in China, everywhere!

We caught our train back to Shanghai and returned just in time for another feast with Chunlin's cousins...

More photos of Suzhou on flickr, of course.

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