Monday, August 09, 2010

Anhui, part 3: Emerald Valley

Our second short hike of the day with our Huangshan tour group was to Emerald Valley, also known as Lovers Valley.

k39 - Emerald Valley First Bridge

Cross the bridge and start up the paved path...

Stop and read the poetry if you'd like.
k40 - Emerald Valley Poem

k45 - Lovers Bridge
The second bridge is called Lovers Bridge. It's above a pool where Mandarin ducks supposedly like to hang out, although we didn't see any. The ducks are, of course, associated with love.

k47 - Lock in Your Love
Couples put padlocks on the bridge to symbolize their eternal love.

k53 - Chunlin and Mark in Emerald Valley
We don't need a padlock.

Bridges, waterfalls, cliffs. The scenery just kept going.

k50 - Emerald Valley Waterfall

k55 - Peacock Falls in Emerald Valley

k57 - Emerald Valley River

Eventually, we arrived at the Love Rock, where the character for "love" is painted huge on a flat rock.
k62 - Love Rock
I waited several minutes but this was as clear a shot I ever saw.

And then, surprise!

k64 - Acrobats over Emerald Valley
Acrobats appear above us, riding a unicycle across the canyon, waving fans and trailing ribbons.

k63 - Acrobats over Love Rock

For some reason, they went backwards. Perhaps to be better facing their audience?

k66 - Trail through the Bamboo
It was soon time to return down the valley through the bamboo forest.

On the way, I said hi to the first non-Asian I'd seen that day, a Canadian.

k68 - Exit Sign
One soon learns which characters mean "exit." "Chu" (to go towards) plus "kou" (opening or mouth).
k69 - Way Out

The valley was peaceful in the shade, hot in the sun. We ran out of water while we waited for everyone to return to the bus.

After that, our tour group was dragged to a tea shop presentation to see a saleswoman recite her spiel. More recitation than salesmanship, by her tone of voice. She poured water all over the table and floor, dropped canisters left and right. Buy? Taste. Buy? And they did. Chunlin, too. Our first souvenir.

No photos of that, but for more of the hike, go to flickr.

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