Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anhui, part 6: Lunch on Yellow Mountain

Atop Huangshan ("Yellow Mountain" in English), we continued our hike with a million Chinese tourists.

l30 - Trail Hydrant
I'm certainly not used to fire hydrants on the trails I hike. I suppose this was just a walk in the park, then.

l32 - Fish Pond Reflection
Do you see the fish? Fish bring us fun. Please don't feed them.

Without roads to all the hotels atop the mountain, everything is transported by manpower on the trails, just like in olden times. This does not mean that the porters are not modernized, however.
l33 - Porter with Cell Phone

Climb the stairs!
l34 - Stairs up White Goose Ridge

We rejoined our tour group at White Goose Ridge, which is where the old cable car reached. We promptly began spreading out again on our way to Bright Summit Peak, which is home to a large meteorological station. Stay with your group! Don't get lost! Don't fall behind!

l41 - Cowboy Tour Guide on Bright Summit

l43 - Bright Summit Weather Observatory

Plenty of good viewpoints nearby.
l46 - East from Alchemy Peak

l48 - Heavenly Capital Peak from Alchemy Pk

l50 - Chunlin on Alchemy Peak

l51 - Lotus Peak from Tianhai Trail

Our group stopped for lunch at 10:20 at the Baiyu Hotel. The place was swarming with tour groups, many of which we hadn't seen before. Red hats, yellow hats, sky-blue hats, orange-and-blue hats, blue-and-red hats. Teeming mass of humanity.

"Hello!" I hear, for the Chinese may have a limited knowledge of English, but they all seem to want to try it. By lunchtime, I had had a dozen people ask to take a picture with me. The first time (the day before, actually), I had assumed they wanted me to take the photo of the two of them, but quickly realized that I was the attraction they wanted a photo of! Group shots with multiple cameras...

Speaking of lunch, for that is what we were eating in the shade of the store by the hotel at the edge of a paved plaza surrounded by trees, I discovered that donkey meat doesn't taste too bad at all, even straight out of a vacuum-sealed pouch. But I still preferred the steamed dumplings. Chi bao zi!

Soon it was time to start hiking again. And away we go...
l52 - Hai Xin Pavilion

l53 - From Heavenly Sea to Bright Summit

More photos from that day are on flickr.

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