Sunday, November 07, 2010

10,000 Words!

I have reached 10,000 words this week, this month. I am approximately one-fifth of the way done with my grand story, Chronicle of the Universe.

Here are the paragraphs that put me over the milestone:

Kíngtíní, old daughter of the great mother Anuhut, floated away from Nınom, disappearing from his sight. She walked through the village, none of the folk wise to Her presense. They acted as if She were not among them, for they could not see Her.

The Old Crone searched for a man named Manguhıng. Manguhıng was an old man and a rich man. He had amassed great wealth and was the richest man in the village, by far. Manguhıng had a flock of eighty-one sheep, all healthy and strong.

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