Sunday, November 21, 2010

30k, Behind Schedule

I've been lax the past few days on my writing. I fell behind schedule for the first time all month. Now, late on Sunday, I've reached 30,000 words, which I meant to reach on Friday. Here are the paragraphs about the witchy Mongana which took me over the 30k mark:

“Oh my,” said the blonde maiden. “Your hair is very black!”

“And yours is quite golden,” replied Mongana.

The pale goddess stepped into the water beside the maiden and stood close. The blonde girl did not flinch, but stood firm and gazed into Mongana’s dark eyes.

1 comment:

robaresmith said...

Maybe Nehete has poisoned the air, so you haven't been able to write ?

But I'm sure Mongana's dark eyes will bring you out of your "brain fog"..............