Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 2 - Eureka

Tall, tall trees. This computer has been dumbed-down, so I won't be able to show you pictures, but you'll have to believe me. The redwoods make the twenty-foot-tall rhododendrons look tiny. Still some in bloom. It's still quite foggy, so the Redwood Creek overlook was not much of an overlook. The Lady Bird Johnson grove was quite satisfactory in the crane-your-neck department. The tops of the trees were lost in the mists.

Fern Canyon is also a marvelous place. Fifty-foot-high sheer walls covered in maidenhair ferns, with a flat, thirty-foot-wide gravelly creek running between. Giant redwoods and lesser trees have fallen off the cliffs and lie askew at the bottom, still leaning on the far wall. One tree actually flipped when it fell and speared itself into the ground, rootball up in the air.

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