Saturday, June 10, 2006


Here's some flowers from my grandparents' front yard:

And my mother taking a photo of a poppy. She has a better macro setting than me:
By the way, the lens is pointing right at the blossom. It rotates.

And my grandparents' cat:

My dad, his sisters, and their parents:

Just my grandparents:

The view coming back to Seattle, along Lake Keechelus:

Oh, and here's the Yakima River just west from their farm (another highway shot):

Quiet conversations. Lots of cameras: mine, Mom's, Dad's, an aunt's, and a cousin's. Five cameras for ten people!


Neith said...

Like I said . . . very, very smart. Love the shot of the cat & the Yakima River canyon.

Pedicularis said...

Looking at your granddad, it is really hard to believe that he is turning 86 this month.

Pedicularis said...

As I recall, a painting very similar to your last photo (of the river) appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post sometime around 1960.

Neith said...

The Post cover was from a point on the road a lttle futher west . . . and I believe painted by John Clymer.

Pedicularis said...

Clymer! That's it. All I could think of was John Kline and van Kliburn.

mamurd said...

That's an awesome picture of the cat. I like the landscape one at the end, too.