Wednesday, June 07, 2006


For the past couple days, instead of writing, I've been distracted by gods. Or more precisely, by, a website devoted to providing a comprehensive database of all the gods, saints, and slightly-divine creatures of the entire human sphere of knowledge. A big task, but they're getting there. Quite impressive.

Of course, I'm thinking about Narakan gods as I peruse. I've made a family tree of all thirty-two gods of the pantheon, working off the little bit I'd done years ago. For instance, did you know that Hivuitovi, Goddess of Rain, is the daughter of Zhake, God of Rivers, and Rihivi, Goddess of Poisonous Water?

Anyway, here's an excerpt from

ATHENA: Famed Greek Goddess of War, Wisdom, Art, Technical Skill and Creative D.I.Y.

The daughter of ZEUS and METIS, she almost didn't get born at all after GAIA predicted that doom, woe and Olympian take-over bids would be the result. ZEUS, remembering how he'd overthrown his own father, grew nervous at the thought of having a daughter with attitude.

With the birth rapidly approaching, he finally hit upon a plan and swallowed METIS just before the crucial moment. But it wasn't long before strange tapping and banging noises began to emanate from inside him. What on earth was she doing in there? He was getting a headache.

A little while of this and the pain began unbearable. HEPHAESTUS, hearing the cries of agony, came running in and bashed his dad over the head with an Olympic wrench.

And from the split in ZEUS's skull sprang forth his daughter ATHENA. She was fully grown, fully dressed and fully armed with newly forged weapons and helmet. That's what all the noise was about.

Although wise and thoughtful, ATHENA is no shy maiden. Her best friend is NIKE, the Goddess of Victory, and she carries the Aegis, a flashy-looking device for zapping enemies.

She is, of course, highly skilled in arts, crafts and matters of intelligence. Her symbol is the owl, and in matters of wisdom she is always right. After all, who's going to argue with a War Goddess?

See also PALLAS.

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