Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 11 - Yosemite Valley

This keyboard is insane. It's just little buttons with a lot of space between them. And the shift keys are in weird places... And it's quite hot in here.

I went to Clouds Rest yesterday. Great view, 360 degrees. I didn't recognize Half Dome at first because I was looking down at it. Tons of mosquitos (that's an actual estimate of the combined weight of all the mosquitos that tried to bite me (or succeeded) in the past 36 hours). Yosemite has a thing or two to learn about trail maintenance. Mud and fallen logs and creek-trail abound. Sadly, the campsites up there didn't have views. Almost the entire hike was in trees.

Down here in the valley, signage is a problem. As are their map-making skills. But, as before, great views. Thundering waterfalls cascading down from semi-infinite heights. Towering cliffs in all directions. Not so many mosquitos, but still rather hot. At least the Ahwahnee restaurant had good air conditioning. And great food. I caught the brunch buffet. Mmmmmm... buffet...

You might have noticed that I haven't shown you any photographs. That would be the computer. Although I can see my photos, I can't post them. The "browse" feature from Explorer is disabled for security reasons.

I think I need to go sit on an air-conditioned bus for a while.


Pedicularis said...

Thanks for checking in. What time of year would you recommend for us to visit Yosemite? Sounds like July is a hot muggy zoo.

Anonymous said...

"What was that you said about playing around the tops of waterfalls, Mom? Trust me, I didn't go down to the dangerous portion."

I am glad to hear you didn't lose all your marbles heading soccer balls!
Love, Mom