Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot enough for ya?

Even the most temperate corners of the kingdom are having incredibly high temperatures. And you know why? It's because today is the Holy Day of Zhoro, the God of Heat!

So He's just doing His thing, nothing to worry about.

Except the metric system, of course.

When it gets really hot, the Fahrenheit thermometer shows 100°. When it gets really cold, the Fahrenheit thermometer shows 0°. But the Celsius thermometer shows 38° and -18°, respectively. How silly is that? Not nearly so useful for day-to-day applications.


Anonymous said...

Too HOT and HUMID!

It makes me remember why I live in the Pacific Northwest.

With the help of air conditioning, I will survive.

Anonymous said...




Neith said...

Glad to know that's the reason . . . now if you have any influence, please tell him to turn the G**D**N heat down!!!! :-)

Sotosoroto said...

The humidity is Hérazhahívo's purview, so you'll have to talk to Him about that.

Anonymous said...

Old air-conditioning stopped late yesterday. I have no relief inside the house. :(

Will I survive this heat wave?

Anyone know of a good movie?