Saturday, July 15, 2006

Media Sensationalism

What's the difference between National Geographic and the National Enquirer?

Don't know? Well, me neither. Nat'l Geo's cover has a superheadline: "Killer Hurricanes," and I can't but wonder how they managed to not use exclamation marks.


Pedicularis said...

Uh, National Geographic is an altruistic and good liberal magazine with great photos devoted to preserving the environment, and National Enquirer is a profit-oriented rag magazine devoted to trashing celebrities. Why, do you buy both? If so, it would remind me of a certain relative of yours who had concurrent memberships in the Sierra Club and the NRA.

Sotosoroto said...

No I don't buy either, but thanks to certain relatives, I receive Natl Geo as my Christmas present. I only see Natl Enq on supermarket checkout shelves.

I like Natl Geo much better when they stick to, ya know, geography.