Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How I spend my freetime

This evening, between laundry and dishes, I created the religious pantheon of the empire of Nyıkãgo, the land northeast of the kingdom of Naraka.

You see, it was important because I needed to create the profanity, "plague of Kínıtíní!" to go along with the other "plagues!" from the Narakan gods Ríhíví, Néhété, Rívorí, and Rékaré. Because, of course, the Narakan and Nyıkãgolese (well, actually, the Míníkese) pantheons were merged at the creation of the empire of Narakamíníkı. Thus the combined pantheon is used in Sarıma, the setting of Green Desert.

I've read chapters 1.1 through 2.1 to my critique group and one of their recent comments was that my curses were too familiar. So I decided it would be fun to figure out the entire pantheon of the Narakamíníkı-Sarıman gods.

Oh, and by the way, henceforth the powerful wargod Bènñèn shall be known as Pèngrkunãh, the love goddess Kanrítío shall be known as Auhèkmwèní, and the god of death Thèjí shall be known as Pèjísh. Okay?