Sunday, December 04, 2016

Moisture Farm of Owen, the Album

Twenty or so years ago, I read a draft of lyrics about C3PO on Tatooine, called "Moisture Farm de Owen" and written to the tune of "Hotel California" by the Eagles. I edited the lyrics to make it better fit the song, to my liking. I also wrote a sequel about the heroes' time on the Death Star, to the tune of "Life in the Fast Lane" from the same album.

The Eagles' album, Hotel California, was the most popular album in the United States shortly before the first Star Wars movie was released, so they magically fit together.

I recently got the notion to finish the full album in parodies, to tell the whole story of Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope set to music. Here is the result:

Moisture Farm of Owen
Princess in Chains
Life in the Death Star
Give Sorrow No Time
Victim of Greed
Pretty Droids All in a Row
Live to Fight Again
The Last Battle

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