Friday, December 09, 2016

The Empire, the Album

After finishing Moisture Farm of Owen, I just had to keep writing. The most popular album in the US in 1980, when Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back was released, was Pink Floyd's The Wall.

So I got out my cds, my notepad and pen, and started scribbling furiously in worse handwriting than Roger Waters. Here are the songs:

Use the Force?
The Cold Ice
The Evil Emperor's Tool, part 1
The Proudest Fight of Our Lives/The Evil Emperor's Tool, part 2
Goodbye My Friends
Vader's Empire/Han's Love
The Dark Side of the Force
Where Are They Now?
The Evil Emperor's Tool, part 3/Goodbye Dagobah

Lando/It's a Trap, Luke
Soon You'll Be Mine (Boba Fett's Song)
Threepio/Set the Trap
Carbonite Han
The Fight Must Go On
Use the Force
Run for Han
Join Me and You'll Live/No!
The Escape
Outside Their Rule

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