Friday, December 09, 2016

The Dark Side of the Force

[A Star Wars parody of "One of My Turns" by Pink Floyd]

Day after day, Yoda shows me the way
Of the Force that a Jedi can use
And night after night, I learn how to fight
"But beware of the dark side, for it can consume you"

And something is very not right around here

And I can feel sinister cold from that cave
I feel evil domain it is
With me, I'll take my weapons
Into the cave, here I go

Hiss of a saber!
From the darkness comes Darth Vader
His red lightsaber held high

Don't be so frightened
That way leads to hate and anger
I must remain calm

Yoda, I am not prepared
To face this man alone
And how will I survive this battle?
How did he get here so soon?

Should I give him a fight?
Would ya, would you like to see me try?
Oh, no!

So I take a swing at him
And I cut off his head

Why is he wearing my face?

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