Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Last Battle

[A Star Wars parody of "The Last Frontier" by the Eagles]

She came from Alderaan, destroyed by Tarkin
Imprisoned on the Death Star, she escaped from there
She took the station plans to the rebel base
They searched for a fatal flaw, with all due haste

If we shot the thermal port, it would disintegrate
So we manned our fighter craft, may the Force be with you
And we flew from Yavin 4, hoping we'd survive
Fighting for a republic, fighting for our lives

Gold group started their attack, Red group drew their fire
TIE fighters joined the fight, led by Darth Vader
And he killed us one by one, none would survive
We lost Tiree, we lost Dutch, they came from behind

Then three X-wings flew down across the Death Star
To the canyon of the port, going full throttle
Worry about the TIE fighters, worry about the tower
Worry about the targeting, and hear the old fossil

Darth Vader came and shot up Wedge, but nobody caught him
He set his sights on Darklighter, and Biggs, he bought it
Leaving Luke out all alone, never the same
He watched his old friend die, burst into flame

Luke left his computer behind to use Obi-wan's Force
Vader couldn't hit him, but he shot Artoo
Tarkin fired up the Death Star gun, rebel base in range
To bring the Empire's fist down, to bring the Empire's reign

The Falcon appeared out from the sun, sent Vader on the run
Left Luke all in the clear, we have got to end it here
We gladly blew that evil thing, and justified our bloody deed
In the name of history and in the name of love

And you can see them there in the temple throne room
Stand up and cheer about what we did up there
They called it Death Star, I don't know why
You call some place Death Star, kiss it goodbye

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