Monday, March 27, 2006

Green Desert - Chapter 7.1.4 - Bhanar

“Stop it, you two!” I stepped over to the two agents and towered over them. “Lango is correct. We need to find Zhíno.”

They stopped struggling and stared up at me. Even though it was dark out, I could clearly see anger on Lango’s face but awe on Umo’s. Here was his emperor, taking control.

“Lango, drop the gun. Umo, let him go.”

Neither of them moved.

“I do not care who shot the helicopter.” Although I really did. Why would Lango do it? He might have killed someone. “Calm down. Let go.”

“Yes, Your Royal Majesty.” Umo released Lango and leaned back.
The smaller man scrambled away, turning back like an animal, watching us, his guard up.

“Let’s find Zhíno. Okay?”

Lango straightened up slowly. “Okay.” He holstered his gun.

I’d have to keep an eye on him. And when we handed Zhíno to the cops, I’d give them Lango too. I was sure Umo would help me. “Let’s go.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Umo stood and brushed himself off. “Do you want my shoes?”

What? “No. No thanks.”

He turned away quickly, but I was pretty sure I saw a hurt expression on his face.

“Wait. Okay.”

Umo turned back, a joyful smile showing. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” He knelt down and started untying.

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