Monday, March 27, 2006

Green Desert - Chapter 7.1.5 - Fírí

“I’m coming,” I called. The carpet was pleasantly soft on my sore heel. But then I stepped off the thick carpet and onto the tile entryway, and the pleasure was gone.

Okay. Cops. Be nice, courteous. Get them to leave quickly.

I flicked the nearby lightswitch, assuming it was the porch light, and pulled open the door.

Not cops. Two squinting men in ratty, red-plaid flannels over tshirts and jeans. One of them held his hand up, shielding his eyes from the porch light. Still squinting, he said, “Good evening, ma’am. We’re looking for our friends. Perhaps you’ve seen them? Their car is parked across the road. One is about two meters tall, the other a bit shorter. Both wearing suits.”

“And ties,” added the other guy.

“Thank you, yes, and ties.”

They both looked at me expectantly. Very friendly. I felt I could trust them. But I had no earthly idea what they were talking about. “Sorry. Haven’t seen them.”

Their faces fell. The one with slightly darker hair rubbed his chin and leaned forwards. “Do you mind if we have a look around the place?”

I frowned slightly. “You’re not cops, are you? You’d need a––”

“Not cops, no.” They both smiled brightly as if I’d told a joke. “Heavens no.”

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